Company Introduction
Yueyang Liyi Technology is a technology company dedicated to the construction of Chinese overseas brands. It has multiple independently developed cross-border e-commerce platforms. With the concept of data innovation and technology sharing, the company has built an intelligent product customization system as the core and a PAAS-SAAS cloud service data center as the foundation. It has created a cloud service sharing platform that integrates product design, production, online purchasing, and after-sales services across the entire industry chain.
The group, with its core in Yueyang, China, Los Angeles in North America, and London in Europe, covers mainstream countries worldwide. It is an intelligent online product customization platform technology service company with 24-hour online service capabilities globally. The group currently has a total employee size of about 1,000, with approximately 300 employees at the headquarters in Yueyang and about 700 employees in the production bases in Kunshan and Changde, China. The group has its own operating companies in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. It is expected that the total number of employees in the group will exceed 3,000 within the next three years.
After undergoing several transformations, such as production chain optimization, technological innovation, and establishing new growth paths, Liyi Technology has gained operational experience in the mature new business models of the cross-border e-commerce industry. It has also established data centers and IT technology research and development centers using next-generation information technology. Liyi Technology has completed the construction and replication of independent brand websites and achieved the integration of the entire industry chain from product manufacturing to end consumers through the establishment of intelligent data centers such as the supply chain management center, product information repository, and user operation center. This transformation has turned the company into a technology-oriented service company that focuses on user management, user achievements, and the realization of lifelong user value, moving away from traditional trade models and embracing sustainable development.
Liyi Innovation
Gathering outstanding talents from home and abroad, focusing on new technology and product research, and driving enterprise innovation and development with the concept of openness and interconnection.
Innovative concept
To serve global brand users and realize multilingual, global, omnichannel and ideal e-commerce self-operation; to build a cloud computing platform with standardized data and standardized services, and to provide a solid foundation for the cloud ecological platform.
Innovation Vision
A customer-centric, data-driven, professional brand management company committed to becoming the most trusted strategic partner for global brands, working tirelessly to achieve LillyOne's vision of e-commerce innovation.
Development trend
The future development trend and development purpose of Liyi Technology is to lock the product sales channel with technical service, build a supply chain system, and establish a channel network with global coverage that integrates product procurement and sales.
In order to enhance the sustainable development of the company, the company has promoted the implementation of the intelligent customized system platform project sharing project (also called SAAS software sharing service from a professional point of view). The aim is to create a cross-border e-commerce ecosystem with global coverage.
In simple terms, it is to replicate our successful model and share our successful experience, high-quality service concept and core intelligent customization system platform to our distributors, so that the traditional tedious and professional customization process becomes simple and intelligent.
Our website building service allows our dealers to have a mature online shopping platform with rich content and complete functions within 5 minutes.
Our one-stop commissioning service allows our dealers to not need to know the product, the process, the design, or the manufacturer. Our aim is to make it easy for dealers to do business as long as there is a need for us to meet it.
By empowering our dealers, improving their competitiveness, deepening the partnership, then expanding more dealers, locking the channel with technical services, and finally building a worldwide product channel network.
Let Yueyang Liyi Technology transform from a simple cross-border e-commerce to a global network technology service company that does e-commerce online and channels offline for sustainable development in all aspects.
Innovation advantages
Deep Collaboration
Deep Collaboration
Advanced implementation concept
Advanced Implementation Concept
Solid and Stable Foundation
Solid and Stable Foundation
Standardized output capacity
Standardized Output Capability
Liyi Values
Value Innovation
Brand Collaboration
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