About Us
About Liyi Technology
About Us
Liyi Technology is committed to building an independent platform of cross-border e-commerce for national independent brands going abroad.

With intelligent customized product data center, big data intelligent algorithm as the core, integrated product production, sales, export, and after-sales service, etc., to create a transnational trade system from product production to end consumers of the whole industry chain.

The company's future development trend and development purpose is to lock the product sales channels with technical services, build a supply chain system, and establish a global coverage of product procurement and sales of integrated channel network.
Advantages and Services
Liyi Technology one-stop service
One-stop service
Liyi Technology provides one-stop solutions and services for branded e-commerce, including online store and shopping website construction, store site operation, digital marketing, order management, warehousing and logistics, order fulfillment and customer service.
The international vision of Liyi Technology is global
International vision
Liyi Technology i is committed to be the interpreter and practitioner of digital strategies for international and domestic brands, and to bring leading solutions from leading markets to the world. In today's more globalized consumer goods brand market, a transparent global vision, pragmatic global solutions and fast implementation capabilities are the keys to brand success or failure.
Liyi Technology full link
Full Link
By combining offline and online, browsing and buying, pre-sales and post-sales, etc., Liyi Technology empowers brands to gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their consumers and tightly integrate their marketing and retail processes to deliver a unified brand message, while reaching consumers more effectively and precisely, and unlocking new business opportunities.
Liyi Technology omni-channel
A strong Omni-channel service system is guaranteed, including Omni -channel store station management, cross-channel retail operation capability, integrated inventory system, and trade and settlement system. As a leader in Omni -channel solutions, Liyi Technology has successfully helped a large number of brands implement Omni -channel strategies and will lead more brands to achieve digital transformation and help brands upgrade.
Liyi Technology technology and innovation
Technology & Innovation
Liyi Technology continues to invest in technology development and application areas such as retail systems, data collection and analysis, image processing and recognition, and artificial intelligence, and believes that technology and innovation will have an essential impact on the development of branded e-commerce. Technology makes business future.
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